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I’ll never forget Rabia’s generosity and willingness to help me on my writing journey.

When I asked for Rabia’s advice on writing and publishing, I quickly realised that this lady knows her stuff! Rabia is wise and intelligent, and has a wealth of experience, ma sha Allah, which she enthusiastically shares so you can learn and grow as a writer.

There are so many things I love about Rabia as a mentor and friend, but the number one thing has to be how Rabia wants you to thrive and succeed, and for your books to reach little muslims everywhere.

Rabia has been a sound board for all of my books, ready to listen and prepared to give gems of advice -and not to forget, her eye for detail when it comes to reading drafts and looking over the final files.

Nurgis Ara / Award-Winning Author & Founder of My Musa Stories
Shabana Hussain, Hamza attends a janaza, speak up sami, muslim author

Rabia has been the big sister/friend who has helped me openly and generously as I began to tread the waters of working with illustrators in 2022.

I wasn’t sure whether my second book would be a self-published one or not and there were so many questions I had which she helped to clarify in order to keep the overwhelm at bay.

I really liked her approach in explaining things at a pace I could grasp (really slow!), especially since I’m not very techy and guided me step by step so I could communicate ideas clearly to my illustrators. This allowed me to grow in confidence and step out of my comfort zone as the whole journey was a new experience for me.

Rabia has a wealth of knowledge and years of expertise. I can’t recommend her enough for helping other authors to move forward with their projects.

Shabana Hussain / Double-Award-Winning Author of Speak Up Sami and Hamza Attends A Janaza, recommended in New York Times
Saffiya Shaheen

There comes a time in your life when Allah swt showers His kindness to you by giving you love, support and guidance through a human being – for me, one of those time was when I met Rabia Bashir.

She took the time to speak to me and answer my many questions, someone who she didn’t know but who also had a dream to become a writer.

Rabia’s extensive experience, professional success makes her a specialist in her field. She’s hard-working, positive and a force to be reckoned with! Anyone that has the privilege of working with Rabia will surely gain both in their personal and professional life!

Saffiya Shaheen / Author & Founder of You And Me Publications

Your mentorship means the world to me, and I truly believe you are the best in the business.

You’ve consistently shown honesty, responsiveness, and patience, unlike many others I’ve encountered in this journey. Your timely and thoughtful responses have made all the difference. Your dedication sets you apart, and it’s evident that you approach your work with genuine love and passion.

An Author
Asma Jamali

I loved how diligently every single sentence was observed and edited to make the story stand out.

If you’re not sure about your manuscript than editing by Rabia Bashir is a great option. She will pour her heart out in editing and sincerely suggest you the right way to do it.

Asma Jamali

I truly appreciate you.

It’s so overwhelming – Alhamdulillah finally it’s getting somewhere and with your support/expertise I’ve been able to conquer this.

A New Author